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GIN LUX CERAMICHE was founded in 1977 by Giacobbe Bonamigo and a costant concern in the development of the firm.

Their production is a mix by Capodimonte and Italian Classic Style.

The rang of Gin Lux's production is very wide and including, chandeliers, wall lamps, lamps, vases, colums, candelabres, mirrors, tables, clocks, and more other articles all the part add at their products are the first quality (ex. Shade, otton part and swaroski).

All Items are signed by the name of this company and the mark “MADE IN ITALY” this for garantiees its provenance and that it is made entirely by hand and with a first quality of material.

Exported worldwide, Gin Lux Ceramiche items are easily recognisable by their attention to detail and refinement.

This firm is present in the greatest of sector as Macef and Euroluce.